How do I use the Message Map tool?

The Message Map tool can be launched in two scenarios:

  1. By viewing the first marketing initiative created for you which contains a pre-created Message Map based on information you provided during the trial sign-up process
  2. By creating a new marketing initiative and launching the Message Map creation process

Scenario 1:  Reviewing and editing the pre-created Message Map for “Your First Marketing Initiative”

To launch the Message Map tool, navigate to “Your First Marketing Initiative” on the Plan module and scroll down to the Message Map card.  

Vennli Message Map

Here you will see the initial Message Map score - the higher the score, the more relevant and differentiated your messaging is considered for this particular marketing initiative across all stages of the customer journey.  

Click the Edit Message Map button located to the right of the Message Map score.  The Message Map tool will take over your screen providing you an interactive canvas to perform the following activities: 

  • Review and prioritize Vennli’s top key message recommendations for your marketing initiative by customer journey stage
  • Browse and select additional key message recommendations
  • Add your own key messages
  • Remove key messages
  • Exclude key messages from specific personas 


Review and Prioritize top key message recommendations:
Review Vennli’s top key message recommendations per customer journey stage by navigating to each card on the screen.  

*** Any changes to the recommendations will impact your Message Map score ***

Change the priority of the key messages by dragging and dropping the cards in a different order.  The messages on the top of the list are considered the most relevant and most differentiating messages for your specific marketing initiative.


Click the right or left-facing arrow to move to different journey stage cards.   


Browse and select additional key message recommendations

Vennli provides a library of alternative messages to consider and be inspired by.  To view these messages, click on the green “+” icon and choose “Show me more messages”. image22

You can also view alternative message recommendations for a specific key message.  Click the vertical ellipsis icon to view these.



Add your own key messagesYou can also add your own messages to each customer journey stage card.  Do so by clicking the green “+” icon and selecting “Create my own”. You will then see a new key message tile appear on the bottom of the list for you to enter your own message.  You will need to click the checkmark icon to save the message.  



Remove key messages
Remove any recommended or manually created messages by clicking the vertical ellipsis icon and selecting “Delete”. . . 



Exclude key messages from specific personas
By default, the selected key messages on a customer journey stage card will apply to all personas that you have selected for this marketing initiative.  You can exclude these personas by clicking the persona icon and de-selecting one or more personas. 



Scenario 2:  creating a new marketing initiative and launching the Message Map creation process

Once you create a new marketing initiative and save the initiative, you’ll be prompted to “Update Recommendations” and have Vennli provide you a Message Map to review and edit.  


Upon clicking the Update Recommendations button, a progress animation will appear.  This represents that the Vennli engine is hard at work generating your Message Map. As of this writing, this process can take up to 30 minutes depending upon how many people are using it simultaneously.  

When the Message Map is ready to be reviewed, the “Update Recommendations” button will change to an “Edit Message Map” button.   Click that button to launch the Message Map tool.