How do I use Vennli’s content plans with my marketing team or organization?

Vennli’s content plans are designed to help you and your team make your content more effective and build alignment across both your team and organization. As part of that, it is helpful to learn some of the “lingo” in order to get the most out of Vennli. 


Initiatives: Initiatives are the starting point for all your Vennli planning. They are the summary of a Business Objective, your Organization, your Competitive set, and Message Map. As you build out specific Content Plans these will then be associated with the Initiative. 

Message Map: The Message Map  is the tool for identifying key messages for each stage of the buyer journey. The Vennli recommendation engine suggests messages for each stage, but you can also go in and change or re-prioritize these messages.

Content Briefs: A Content Brief is a plan for a specific piece of content. It will always include the following information: Customer Journey Stage, customer goal (i.e., Content should help the customer…),  call to action, content type, distribution channel, promotion channel, key message, differentiating message and competitor to position against. 

Content Plan: A Content Plan is a collection of Content Briefs all in support of one Initiative. It is easy to see an entire content plan by filtering the Plan list view to a specific initiative.


Once you have an understanding of the key elements of Vennli, you can then use them to interact with your team.  For example, after you create your first content brief, we recommend using the Align module to share the brief with your team. 

You can also invite other team members into the software so they can collaborate with you on aspect of building the Content Plan.