How should I use Content Plans?

Build your content plans in support of a Marketing Initiative to create effective marketing content.

To build the plans, navigate to the Plan module on the top navigation bar. Along the left side of the screen, you will see the Content Plan filters that will allow you to control which plans you see based on Status, Initiative, Data Sources, Personas and Content Objectives.

To create a new Plan, you will be prompted to first click on the “Create Plan” button in the upper right hand corner.


Then, the platform will ask you to first select an initiative, then select the goal for that particular piece of content and finally, select which persona you are targeting. Then you will need to select a Data Source. (Currently, just Marketing View is available.)

You will be prompted to Assign a Name to the plan. Once you hit the “Generate a Plan,” the Vennli content intelligence engine will populate a content strategy for this particular piece of content.

Understanding a Content Brief

Each recommendation will have three tiles across the top of the screen. These can be used as follows:

Left Tile: This tile has information about the customer journey and what you should help the customer accomplish with this piece of content.

Middle Tile: This tile has the recommended content format and how to get the content in front of your audience.

Right Tile: This tile identifies key messages and ways to differentiate the message as part of the content.

The initial recommendations are generated based on your input and the Vennli benchmark database. You can choose to make changes to each of these tiles by selecting the select square in the upper right hand corner of the tile. You can then make edits to the selections by choosing different buttons on the right side of the screen and saving your changes at the bottom of the screen.

Once you are satisfied with your content plan, the bottom tile will provide a narrative format of the plan. You can then activate the plan by clicking the “Activate Plan” button in the upper right hand corner. An active plan can be marked “Complete” by clicking on the same button a second time. A completed plan be reactivated by clicking on the same button a third time.